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Why Refer to Good Life Physical Therapy?

Good Life Physical Therapy  is a new integrative, progressive practice located in the Easttown commercial district of Grand Rapids. We are committed to the highest practice quality and are working hard to set an elevated expectation for what patients and practitioners can come to expect from the profession of physical therapy.  Our team's goal is to anticipate and exceed your expectations through vision, integrity, education, and exemplary service.


While we know and understand your apprehension to refer to a new clinic, we believe that we have the tools that you will come to expect from your other physical therapy clinics referrals. We at Good Life Physical Therapy believe that many providers have gotten away from providing quality manual therapy. While therapeutic exercises are important, many clinics focus SOLELY on prescribed exercise in patients' recoveries.  Exercise is important for muscle retraining, activation with strengthening, and length/tension relationships, but we believe that certain manual techniques can help these concepts to be obtained in a significantly shorter period. Shorter periods mean less therapy and more healthcare dollars saved.


While we also utilize therapeutic exercises and activities for a number of reasons, they are only a small portion of the many tools that we use here. We invite you to try some of the newest, proven, manual therapy techniques currently available in healthcare.


Some of the unique treatments currently available at Good Life Physical Therapy include:






Outcome Tools

We rely heavily on Outcome Tools here at Good Life Physical Therapy. Standardized outcome measures provide a common language with which to evaluate the success of physical therapy interventions, thereby providing a basis for comparing outcomes related to different intervention approaches. Measuring outcomes of care within the relevant components of function, including body functions and structures, activity, and participation, among patients/clients with the same diagnosis, is the foundation for determining which intervention approaches comprise best clinical practice.



Patient Satisfaction

We believe that patient satisfaction is imperative to the success of a good clinic. Our patients are given an Assessment Form following their initial evaluation of their first experience at Good Life Physical Therapy. They then have an opportunity to complete the same forms during reassessments and at the conclusion of their therapy. With constant communication and confidential assessment forms, we do our best to maintain quality care and keep our therapists constantly evaluated.


Common Diagnosis

You can find a list of some of our more common diagnosis HERE. These are by no means all that is seen at Good Life Physical Therapy, but you'll find a compiled list of some of the more frequently treated diagnosis. For questions about whether we might be able to help your patients, please Contact Us. We'd be happy to provide a more detailed explanation of our expertise and whether our treatment methods would be beneficial for your patient.



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