Everyone at the Good Life Physical Therapy is committed to returning you to your favorite activities.

We believe in all inclusive physical therapy that works to address your problem from a multi-dimensional approach. With this strategy, we are confident that we will get you back to your activities faster with fewer treatments. We at Good Life Physical Therapy believe that quality care leads to fewer treatments and overall decreased healthcare costs.


Upon your first visit, our experienced team will develop a multi-faceted approach to your care. While your visit will be tailored specifically to your needs and diagnosis, most treatments include:

• Skilled, manual therapy based on findings from your examination

• Stretching muscles and fascial restrictions to restore deficits

• Strengthening weak muscle groups and retraining muscles how to fire

• Functional exercises to retrain neuromuscular firing pattern



We accept most major insurance carriers including Medicare and Medicaid. Please Contact Us if your curious about your specific carrier.


Common Ailments

Whether you're experiencing discomfort in your back, pain in your jaw, twinges in your knee, or lasting headaches, we will treat not only your complaint, but find the root cause. Here are some of the most common complaints that we see.


New Patient Forms

On your first visit, there will be several forms that we ask you fill out. If you'd like to save some time on your first visit, you may download them Here and bring them to your first visit.




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