Repetitive-Use Injuries


Repetition one of the most common forms of stress that can occur on the body. Human beings, as you know, are creatures of habit. Unfortunately, when we habitually perform the same actions over and over, our body's tissues become overloaded. The continuous stress and the impact begins to break down our body's tissues and can cause us significant discomfort. Some break down is OK, as our body is resilient and repairs itself. However, when the tissue is continuously stressed, your body doesn't have time to make its necessary repairs. This is when we begin to notice pain. If we continue to stress the tissues beyond this point, our body starts to lose its ability to heal and repair itself. The tissues lose their abilities to stretch and contract, and become less moveable and more fibrotic. At this point, you begin to look for someone who can help!


What are some examples of Repetitive-Use Injuries?

• Bone Pain - such as stress fractures

• Muscle pain - can occur anywhere in the body due to fibrotic changes to the muscle. Some examples include tennis elbow and piriformis syndrome.

• Joint Pain - common in the shoulder, hands, knees, hips, and feet

• Fascial Restriction - such as shin splints

• Nerve Entrapment - such as sciatica or "shooting pain"


We at Good Life Physical Therapy are here to help! What kinds of treatment can you expect from us?


1. Manual therapy including:

a. Active Release Technique (ART) for soft tissue help and to resolve any fibrotic changes

b. Mobilizations and/or manipulations to realign and recenter joints and place muscles in more optimal position and restore stretched or tight muscles. Manipulation also resets neurological firing.

c. Fascia and muscle restriction alleviation to create more room for muscles to function correctly


2. Therapeutic Exercises and Activities: to strengthen, stretch, and reteach your body to move pain free. This also helps to teach muscles that aren't being recruited to "do their job" so neighboring muscles don't becomes overused.


3. Modalities - to help control pain and inflammation

• Heat/ice packs

• TENS units

• Iontophoresis

• Ultrasound


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