Back Pain


The back and spine are designed to provide a great deal of strength, protecting the highly sensitive spinal cord and nerve roots. However, your back is designed to be flexible, providing for mobility in all directions.


While back pain is extremely common, the symptoms and severity of back pain vary greatly. Your back is an intricate structure of interconnected and overlapping structures including:

• Tendons, muscles, and other soft tissues

• Highly sensitive nerves and nerve roots that travel from the spine down into the legs and feet

• Small and complex vertebral facets that allow for joint movement

• Spinal discs between vertebral segments to absorb forces through your back


Several systematic reviews have stated that in a month’s time, approximately 23% of the population experiences low back pain. A study by Fritz and Child’s states “Early physical therapy timing was associated with decreased risk of advanced imaging, additional physician, surgery, injections, and medications.” Additionally, total medical costs for Low Back Pain were $2,736.23 lower for patients receiving early physical therapy.


We at Good Life Physical Therapy are here to help! What kinds of treatment can you expect from us?


1. Manual therapy including:

a. Active Release Technique (ART) for soft tissue

b. Mobilizations and/or manipulations for vertebral alignment and neurological resetting

c. Fascia and muscle restriction alleviation.


2. Therapeutic Exercises and Activities: to strengthen, stretch, and reteach your body to move pain free


3. Modalities - to help control pain and counteract inflammation or tightness

• Heat/ice packs

• TENS units

• Iontophoresis

• Ultrasound


*all treatments will be completed after evaluation and based on diagnosis and determination from physical therapist





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