Evaluating your Gait: It's just the first Step.

Whether your are looking to improve your marathon performance or walk around the block, correct mechanics are vital to you accomplishing your goals.


Our therapists are specially trained in the biomechanics of running and walking.

A gait evaluation will start with a full physical exam where we will assess muscle recruitment, strength, and flexibility.

We also perform a specialized foot and ankle assessment to determine foot type and give recommendations on footwear and possible use of an orthotic device/shoe insert.

Finally, we put you on a treadmill and record you in action. Using specialized gait analysis software, we are able to slow down your motion to see even minute deviations from the norm and take specific measurements of different joints.

You will be given specific information on stride, foot mechanics, and form. We will also give you tips to improve your performance and prevent injury.

We can also utilize our AlterG Stridesmart (TRADEMARK) technology to help you normalize your gait. The Stridesmart system has sensors inside the deck of the Alter G treadmill which can determine side to side weight bearing, stride length and stance time. Using this in real time we can retrain you to FEEL a normal gait pattern, decrease asymmetry and increase cadence.

Our gaits, whether walking or running, are an important aspect of our daily lives because any pain is often times reproduced by movement.

If walking or running causes pain or discomfort, these movement patterns will be altered as we compensate or try to relieve the aggravated area. Whether you are a beginning runner trying to do a 5k, a triathlete trying to improve your run times, or you just want to walk for exercise; we have something for you!

Gait analysis evaluations are covered under most insurance plans. A self pay option is always available as well.