“It was such a breathe of fresh air to be able to work with Will. Before coming to Good Life, I was plagued with chronic back pain which I had been dealing with for about 3 years, and after the first week of PT I felt a change. Will is very knowledgeable about the body’s mechanics and will definitely set you up to be successful. In just 3 weeks with Good Life, my quality of life has drastically improved, because I now find myself less stressed, able to sleep at night, my weight has stayed consistent, and I have more energy through the day. I would definitely recommend Good Life to anyone for their physical therapy needs!!!”

TB, age 35 of Grand Rapids

“I have seen Dave at Good Life Physical Therapy Eastown for a complex running injury since December. He has gotten me mobile and on the road to healing with skill, humor and compassion. I saw him before while he was in private practice for another issue which he resolved effectively. Among the best practitioner’s in the city. 5 stars.”

AC, age 64 of Grand Rapids

“I had the pleasure of working with both Will and Dave on myofascial pain in my shoulder. I had a difficult case due to years of dysfunctional movement patterns and overuse in bouldering. Though there were a lot of layers to peel back in the onion of my tissue structure, both of them went above and beyond in trying to alleviate that pain and with finding root causes that would help with more long-term and wholistic changes. The best things I took away from Good Life are the tools I need to prevent injuries in the future and maintain my physical health.

Beyond the PTs, Laura at the front desk was always super welcoming, and Justin in the gym room was always super helpful and resourceful. Being prohibited from doing something you love in life due to injury is very difficult. Though I did not enjoy the context from which I needed to go to Good Life, I can say that my time there was valuable and I always looked forward to going and seeing what I’d learn that day.

Thanks everyone!”

RS, age 32 of Grand Rapids

“Julianne is an amazing Physical Therapist and an expert in ACL rehab/recovery. I worked with her for post-op rehab as well as Sportsmetrics™ return-to-sport training and could not be happier with the results. Julianne is extremely knowledgable and very personable – she cares for the whole patient, not just the specific injury that they’re in for. Expect a warm greeting when you walk in and trust that she’ll remember how your last session went and what you talked about. She adapts each session to where you’re at and what your needs are for that day. Her explanations and reasoning are clear and informative and the training is tailored to your sport/lifestyle specific needs. With her help I’m stronger than I was before my injury, more knowledgable on how to prevent re-injury, and confident in my ability to return to normal activity. I cannot recommend her enough. Thanks for getting me back to the Good Life, Julianne!”


“Ryan is outstanding. Dry needling was terrifying considering my fear of needles, but it was amazing for my shoulder and I felt like a million bucks afterwards. Thanks Ryan!!”

SM, age 42 of Grand Rapids

“I want to thank Josh and the staff for getting me moving pretty well after the hip arthroscopic surgery. I place a lot of faith in Josh as my go-to therapist. I just wish he was more flexible, like coming to AZ a few times a week!”

NW, Age 62 of Ada/AZ

“Best. PT. Ever.  Finally experiencing relief after 10 years of chronic pain 10/10 would PT again.”

DP, age 35 of Flint

“I really recommend anyone who’s looking for a physical therapist to come to Good life. I’m currently receiving treatment at the Eastown location and I must be honest that so far it has been going great. Everyone is nice there. My therapist Will has been treating me and has given me new exercises I’ve never done before at other physical therapy offices. It really has helped me a lot and to alleviate my pain. So I’m really thankful and appreciate Good Life for giving me the best care. I’m still going strong and won’t give up.”

JG, age 25 of Grand Rapids

“I was referred to Dr. Julianne Smith due to balance and gait issues. During my evaluation appointment with Julianne, she was able to identify conditions that were affecting my balance and gait. She very clearly explained how these conditions all worked (or in my case were not working) together to achieve balance. Through exercise and core strengthening, as well as physical massage, Julianne helped me a great deal. Many of my issues stem from arthritis and stenosis in my neck. She taught me that, although PT could not eliminate my conditions, there are many daily stretches and exercises I can do to alleviate my pain. I also needed to change my sleeping position, because stomach sleeping is not great for my neck. Julianne was very patient with me as I tried to find the “right” pillow and leg wedge to accomplish comfortable sleep. Over a 3 week period, I brought in many possible options until we found the right one for me. I now sleep well and usually wake up pain free! She’s great!!”

CL, age 71 of Hudsonville

“SAVED MY LIFE. 10+ yrs of debilitating chronic pain, horrible chronic muscle spasms, multiple broken vertebra, multiple ruptured discs, sciatica, scoliosis. Tons of pain meds and muscle relaxers. Chiropractic treatment. Massage and acupuncture therapy. Went to 3 different therapists and saw no results. Finally got the chance to have my life literally saved by the staff at Good Life. 9 months ago I had trouble walking to the kitchen and bathroom and today I’m exercising 2 hours per day and walking 17 miles per week. You owe it to yourself to break free from pain. Find a way to get to Good Life. The entire staff is absolutely amazing. Very friendly people and an awesome environment. A big thanks to everyone at Good Life. I had almost accepted that my life was over but 9 months later all I see is a bright, pain free future. Josh, you’re the man. Thanks so much for everything!”

SW, age 41 of Grand Rapids