We strive to improve the quality of
life for all of our patients.

Whether that means relieving pain, increasing function at home or work, or enhancing athletic performance. We pride ourselves on delivering excellent care that meets the individual needs of our patients. Additionally, we value quality care, customer service, and understanding, because the most important aspect of our mission is building trusting relationships with our patients and the local community.

Our Vision

Our company emphasizes manual therapy and sports performance. Our staff at Good Life Physical Therapy strives to provide the highest quality service and evidence-based care to our patients through professional development and continuing education.

We focus on best practices and individualized patient care, which is demonstrated through our multitude of specialties, therapies, and programs. In addition, we partner with key businesses to offer a wide variety of health resources and wellness opportunities.

Our Locations


Good Life Physical Therapy currently has two locations in Grand Rapids, MI. Both locations offer the same therapies, services, and specialties. However, the difference between the two is a lot and a little. If you are looking for a smaller, more intimate setting, the Eastown Clinic would be a good fit! If you are searching for sports-performance and athletic services, the Centerpoint Clinic is the perfect environment!

Our Team

Staff that have your best interest at heart.

Our unique team is made up of a variety of individuals who have diverse backgrounds, educational histories, and personal interests. The Good Life Community is a broad-spectrum of patients, partners, and employees.

Our company emphasizes customer service and quality care. All of our physical therapists have a doctorate of physical therapy and specialize in different treatments.