Youth, Athletics, and Physical Therapy

Our goal at Good Life is to assist children and youth in the community just like the adults!

Good Life is here to help!

We treat a variety of disorders and diagnosis, but we believe that children should never be restricted or treated solely based on their disorder or diagnosis.

Simply put, pediatric therapy is therapy for children. There are a number of reasons why children seek physical therapy, but they often result in the same goal: helping kids be kids. Children are supposed to run on the playground, stack play blocks, roll in the mud, jump on trampolines, and throw balls with their siblings. Sometimes, there can be an incident, developmental delay, or another reason in which parents find that their kids aren’t doing these things.

We complete a full movement evaluation and then treat based on deficits. Often times, when a child has difficulty manipulation objects with their hands, the cause can be  contributed to seated or standing stability. Once the child has developed better core stability strength, they have the ability to feel confident in their ability to use their hands instead of having to worry about staying upright. Difficulty walking, crawling, and rolling can also be contributed to their reliance on mom and dad always carrying them, or their unwillingness to try new things on their own. We always welcome parents to be involved in their children’s therapy as we believe that their help at home is imperative to their therapy.

We can help your child:

• Enhance ability to play
• Improve function and movement
• Return to sport and activities
• Experience pain free fun with friends and family

Good Life therapists will help your child achieve their goals!

Like all of our pediatric therapy, we work hard to tailor our treatment specifically to what your child needs based on parental reports and our evaluation. Our treatment often involves combating low muscle tone by working on sitting and standing posture, movement pattern learning, and exercise to help promote cardiovascular health.

  • Autism
  • Cerebral Palsy
  • Down Syndrome
  • Infant Torticollis
  • Sensory Processing Disorder
  • Injury

We Provide:

• Passionate and professional licensed Physical Therapists
• Rehabilitation from orthopedic injuries
• Training programs to improve strength and muscle balance
• Interactive sessions to achieve better coordination and balance
• Sport specific functional screening and training
• Training programs to improve strength and muscle balance
• Therapeutic specialties including an Anti-Gravity Treadmill®
• Manual therapy to boast mobility, flexibility, and function during play