Among the many negative consequences associated with prolonged sitting, is the tendency to shift into a chronic “forward head posture”. Over time the muscles and soft tissue structures, that act as guy wires to hold your head balanced over your spine, begin to suffer undue stress. As an example, for approximately every inch that the head shifts forward from midline an additional 10 pounds is added! This added weight creates a cascade of symptom provoking changes in and around the neck. These changes can cause or lead to persistent headaches and eye strain, jaw pain, difficulty breathing and myofascial pain.

Awareness of this tendency is the first line of defence in warding off the harmful effects of sitting. Changing your habits is the second and most important factor. Though seeking the aid of a skilled Physical Therapist to evaluate and address any symptomatic patterns or structures can be very beneficial.

Good Life Physical Therapy can guide you back to improved mobility, strength and overall functional capacity so that you can have increased productivity and quality of life. If you have been dealing with nagging symptoms of tension headaches, neck or arm pain, jaw pain or numbness of any kind please reach out. We are here to help!