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Dr. Julianne Smith, Director of Sports Medicine, received her Bachelor of Science Degree from Central Michigan University in Exercise Science/Preventive Medicine before attending Oakland University where she obtained her Doctorate Degree in Physical Therapy and two-year Specialty Certificate in Orthopedic Manual Physical Therapy.  She has worked at the university level as a teaching assistant and has served as a guest lecturer in presenting sports-medicine, gross anatomy and specialty topic lectures for both Doctorate and Associate level Physical Therapy programs. She has experience working with professional/semi-professional athletes alike and has recently partnered with Calvin University Sport Medicine in order to serve the student-athlete’s rehabilitation needs both on and off-campus.

Dr. Smith leads by specializing in Sportsmetrics™, sports medicine/return-to-sport, spinal conditions, movement analysis, exercise prescription and orthopedic manual soft tissue and mobilization/manipulation techniques. She takes pride implementing advanced differential diagnosis techniques that find the source of your symptoms and pain, without just treating the symptoms. She believes that building a relationship in trust, communication, empathy and validation are paramount in serving as an effective healthcare professional.

As a former collegiate athlete, she understands and supports the mentality of attaining one’s goals no matter what activity level or age. Her many passions include pickleball, weight lifting, hiking, cross country and downhill skiing, and golf.  Additionally, Dr. Smith is a Titleist Performance Institute (TPI) certified golf expert, combining her knowledge of the human body and passion for golf to identify limitations in your swing and take your game to the next level. When she is not at work, or planning her next adventure, she loves spending time with her nephews.

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